Court name
Court of Appeal of Tanzania

Calico Textile Industries Ltd vs Pyaraliesmail Premji () [1983] TZCA 7 (03 November 1983);

Law report citations
1983 TLR 28 (TZCA)
Media neutral citation
[1983] TZCA 7

Nyalali, C.J. read the following order of the court. This is an application brought by the G Respondent under Rule 82 of the Tanzania Court of Appeal Rules 1979 to have the Notice of Appeal struck out for failure by the appellant to institute his appeal within the period prescribed by Rule 83 of the Tanzania Court of Appeal Rules, 1979. The application is supported by affidavit of Mr. Lakha, learned Advocate for Respondent. H
Having heard both sides, it is quite clear that the appeal was filed hopelessly out of time. The reason for the delay advanced by Mr. Patel for the appellant is that he did not check the requirements of the law properly. Surely this cannot be sufficient reason for allowing I Appellant, who is represented by a learned Advocate, to file his appeal so much out of time.

We therefore allow the application and order the notice of appeal be struck out with A costs.
B Application allowed.